2017 Week of Prayer – May 28th – The Acts of Healthy Churches

Pray that we will allow the great I AM to build His Church. What could happen in your community and across our nation if churches became healthy, if churches focused on knowing, trusting, and obeying God like never before? Ask the Lord to move among His churches so that our nation, and all nations, might know the Way, the Truth, and the Life: Jesus. (Acts 2:37-41,47; John 14:6)

Pray For: 

The First Cedar Creek, Gerald Hegwood, Interim

Victory, Stephen Crenshaw

Vine Hill, Greg Crenshaw

Wakefield, Tom Sparrow

Wickland, Dennis King

Jose Reynaldo, Pastor, Emmanuel Hispanic Ministry in Bardstown, Bloomfield, New Haven

Pray that the Lord will lead us in planting new churches and starting new works/ministries! 

Pray that we will seek His guidance as we discover possible mission partnerships (Cuba, Salt Lake City, Brazil, etc). 

Pray for the many mission trips (both international and within the US) that individuals from our churches will be participating in over the next few months. 

2017 Week of Prayer – May 27th – The Act of Prayer

Ask the Lord to prompt His people, including you, to pray with a new fervency. May God unite us (and Christians from around the world) in the act and heart of prayer. As you look toward tomorrow, another Sunday, ask God to move in a dramatic way in our churches to mobilize His people to be the healthy followers who reach out in the name of Jesus. Pray for Christians who are being persecuted. (Acts 2:42-43)

Pray For: 

Pleasant Grove, Robbie Fairley

Redeemer, Matthew Spandler-Davison

River View, Chad Morrow

Rolling Fork, Bruce Nichols

Stites Station, Darrell P’Pool

Pray for our Associational Staff: 

  • Stan Lowery, DOM
  • Evan Knies, Executive Assistant


2017 Week of Prayer – May 26th – The Act of Missions

Pray that our churches will be sending churches. May God move us to the point of releasing the resources (people, money, buildings, talents, etc). He is providing us so that many people across the street and around the world will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray that our churches will be greatly involved in accomplishing the Great Commission and the Command of Jesus in Acts 1:8 by going and making obedient disciples everywhere He sends us. (Acts 2:7-21)

Pray For: 

Mt. Zion, Billy Jenkins

New Beginning, Jeffery Griggs

New Salem, Jonathan Gann

Parkway, James Carroll

People’s Church, Josh Bunch

Pray for the Auxiliary Teams that support and encourage the work we do together. Pray for the WMU in our association lead by Lisa Crenshaw, Vine Hill, and the many ministries they are involved with such as their mission trip to Taiwan in July (partnering with Jeff and Melba Clark), International Friendship Club, etc. 

Pray also for the NBA Prayer Team. 

2017 Week of Prayer – May 25th – The Act of Ministry

Ask the Lord to help us to make His Love and Majesty known to those around us. Pray that Christians in our area will discover anew the importance of displaying Jesus to others by caring for them in His name, meeting needs, making a difference for God’s glory. (Acts 2:44-45)

Pray For: 

Maranatha, Gene Smith

Mercy Hill, Nate Young

Mill Creek, Gary Chesser

Mt. Eden, Gene Travis

Mt. Moriah, Darron Chapman

Pray for the Church Evangelism Team: 

  • Leader – Nathan Young, Mercy Hill

Pray for the various ministries supported and carried out by this team: 

  • Church planting partnership in Scotland (20Schemes and Jacob Brothers), Nepal, Cuba
  • Multiply 22 (Apprenticeship Program)
  • Go Pittsburgh (Church Planting Partnership in Pittsburgh)
  • Evangelism Meetings and Training


2017 Week of Prayer – May 24th – The Act of Discipleship

Pray that Christians will realize the importance of helping one another grow in their relationships with the Lord. Ask that God to help us to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. Pray that those who are led to the Lord will have a person or a small group they can connect with and learn from as a new follower of Jesus and will develop into a disciple-maker. May the making of disciples become a priority in our churches. (Acts 2:42-47)

Pray For: 

FBC Shepherdsville, Adam Smith

Hobbs, Bill Daniel

Getsemani, Bernado Caballero

Immanuel, Carl Thomas

Little Union, Will Sipes

Pray for the Administrative Team: 

  • DOM, Officers, Team Leaders/Asst. Team Leaders, and Members-at-Large (Josh Landrum, Bullitt Lick and Mike Nalley, Mt. Carmel).

Pray for the NBA annual meeting that will be held at Parkway on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017.