Multiply 22 is designed to assess, train and send out workers to plant & revitalize gospel centered churches.

Assess, Train & Send Out


Church planting is not for everyone and not every pastor should be a church planter.  The time, energy and resources required to plant a church are incredible and having the right person in the lead is key. That is why Multiply 22 is designed to be an ongoing assessment of the man. From the application to weekly meetings with a Coach and a more formal assessment every two months, areas of character, work ethic and gifting are assessed.


The result of successful assessment is growth. The intention of Multiply 22 is to provide aspiring church planters with knowledge, experience and relationships that can’t be found in a book or a classroom. Two primary avenues will be used to accomplish this. First, a weekly meeting with a Coach where apprentices receive custom investment that focuses on personal growth in character and instruction on topics within the realm of church planting. Second, a monthly seminar that covers a different topic relating to church planting each month.

Send Out

Multiply 22 is designed to be a program where an apprentice can gain real life experience in the trenches of church planting. A place where ideas can be tested and refined, skills can be honed and sharpened, allowing the theoretical to become practical. By the end of the 10 month program, an apprentice will know what to expect in church planting and possibly have much of the preliminary work done for their plant or revitalization work.

Plant & Revitalize

In the initial stages of planning it became apparent that the principles one would  implement to plant a church are the same principles one would implement to revitalize a church. That is why Multiply 22 takes a dual approach by preparing young men to plant and revitalize churches. While the focus of Multiply 22 will lean towards church planting efforts the principles translate easily to revitalization and revitalization is encouraged just as much as planting.