2017 Week of Prayer – May 28th – The Acts of Healthy Churches

Pray that we will allow the great I AM to build His Church. What could happen in your community and across our nation if churches became healthy, if churches focused on knowing, trusting, and obeying God like never before? Ask the Lord to move among His churches so that our nation, and all nations, might know the Way, the Truth, and the Life: Jesus. (Acts 2:37-41,47; John 14:6)

Pray For: 

The First Cedar Creek, Gerald Hegwood, Interim

Victory, Stephen Crenshaw

Vine Hill, Greg Crenshaw

Wakefield, Tom Sparrow

Wickland, Dennis King

Jose Reynaldo, Pastor, Emmanuel Hispanic Ministry in Bardstown, Bloomfield, New Haven

Pray that the Lord will lead us in planting new churches and starting new works/ministries! 

Pray that we will seek His guidance as we discover possible mission partnerships (Cuba, Salt Lake City, Brazil, etc). 

Pray for the many mission trips (both international and within the US) that individuals from our churches will be participating in over the next few months.