Association Church Ministry & Event Promotion

Nelson Baptist Association Churches:

The Nelson Baptist Association would love to serve your church by helping you communicate your ministry events to other churches in the association and by keeping you informed of what events you might wish to share with your congregation.
Here are three ways we can help you connect on the internet:
(1) The Nelson Baptist Association blog (
If you browse past posts, you’ll notice we’ve recently announced a fund-raiser for The New Life Center, a Kentucky Baptist Convention conference, a men’s event at Bullitt Lick Baptist Church, and a Women’s Conference at the Bardstown Christian Fellowship. These are all in addition to normal NBA events, announcements, and cancellations.

Anyone can subscribe to this blog by entering their email in the box in the right hand column on this page.

Once an event is published on the blog, it automatically is posted on two other sites:

(3) Our Twitter feed (
These two popular social networking sites will broaden the reach of our announcements, not only to those in our churches but to their friends and neighbors as well, as they share and highlight announcements.
How can you help? There are two easy ways for you to help us serve you.
First, remember share your events with us. If you have a ministry event you’d like to invite other churches or the public to attend, please email or mail the details to the NBA office (contact info below). Upon approval, we’ll place the event on the blog. (We’re also planning to develop a newsletter, especially for those churches without internet usage.)
Even if your church does not use any of these online resources, remember that many of the people you are trying to reach may use them. By allowing us to help you publicize your ministry events, you may be able to reach more people in your communities.
Second, please share these sites with your congregation. Please consider letting your congregation know, through your own website, newsletter, or bulletin, that the Association is now online by sharing these links:
Again, even if your church does not use them, many individual members may. This is a helpful way to keep them connected. When one person shares or highlights an event online, it has the potential to reach everyone they are connected with.
Thanks again for all you do, partnering together in Strengthening Churches and Sharing Christ’s Love!