What does Multiply 22 have to do with church revitalization?

  • Principles of Church Planting + Dying Church = Revitalization

When a church is in need of serious revitalization the process may look different but the principles implemented would be almost identical to those a church planter would follow. As an example: one of the marks of a dying church is a disinterest in or unwillingness to reach their community. However, church plants are marked by their intentional outreach and missional focus. Bringing that dying church back to a healthy state would include cultivating a missional focus. You would be implementing the same principle as a church plant, but the process of that implementation looks different. Multiply 22 is blessed to have coaches that have actually been involved in successful church revitalization efforts. It is our hope that apprentices would be sent out from the program not only to plant churches but to revitalize existing ones. 

If I am in seminary, can I get class credit from Multiply 22?

Yes! Multiply 22 has worked in conjunction with Southern Seminary to meet specific requirements that will allow you to use your apprenticeship with Multiply 22 to count as credit towards your degree. Be aware that the format of the program looks slightly different for those who are receiving credit.  For more information about this please contact the NBA Office.

Do I have to be a seminary student to be accepted?

No! Multiply 22 is not just for seminary students. We encourage people with varying degrees of education that have a burden for church planting and revitalization to apply.

What if I don’t know if I’m called to church planting?

You do not have to be 100% certain that you will plant a church in the future to apply. A goal of Multiply 22 is to provide ongoing honest assessment for apprentices. The beauty of having a personal coach is that it supplies you with someone to provide guidance as you determine the path God has laid out for you. Each month your coach will evaluate your progress in areas of character and competency. It is the job of the coach to provide you with honest feedback as to whether or not you should pursue church planting. The personal guidance of a coach, and the tracking of your progress will be useful tools for you as you determine your choice to plant or not.

Can I pick my coach?

The coaches will determine where apprentices are assigned. If there is a previous relationship with one of the coaches that will be carefully considered in the division of apprentices.

Will I be paid?

We understand that for some there might be travel and other expenses associated with the M22 apprenticeship, that is why you will have the option to receive funds from multiple sources.

  • Your sending church:  We strongly encourage you to stay connected with your sending church as much as possible. Asking them for continued support – by donating an amount monthly to support you – would be one of the ways of staying connected and allowing them to invest in you.
  • The NBA:  A scholarship is available from the Nelson Baptist Association to assist with any expenses incurred during the course of the M22 Apprenticeship.  For more information on how to secure this scholarship please contact the NBA office.
  • Yourself: Two of the realities involved in Church Planting are fundraising and bi-vocational ministry. We encourage you to have a job while you are serving as an apprentice, if you don’t already. Fundraising will be a major part in your journey to plant a church which is why M22 requires apprentices to raise a minimum of $500.00 from outside sources on their own (this is not required prior to acceptance).

Do I have to live near the church?

No. That is why Multiply 22 is an apprenticeship not a residency. While living near the church would be beneficial to you, it is not required. You should however plan on going through the membership process of that church. Each church’s process and requirements for membership are different.

Do I have to plant a NBA church?

No. You will not be expected to plant a church within the Nelson Baptist Association in order to be involved in Multiply 22. While we would like that, there are many different areas of Kentucky and the United States where churches need to be planted and revitalized.

If you have a question about Multiply 22 that was not addressed here please contact the Nelson Baptist Association office.

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