When to Apply

Multiply 22 is structured into three trimesters: (1) Leadership,  (2) Outreach & Discipleship, and (3) Proclamation & Church Growth.  You can begin your apprenticeship at the beginning of any of the three.  You can apply at any time during the year for the M22 Apprenticeship.   Successful apprentice applicants will be appointed three times a year during the months of February, June, and September.  Note: your application will need to be turned in at least one month in advance. For example: to begin the apprenticeship in February, you will need to have your application in no later than January 1.

The Application Process

There are a limited number of slots available in the M22 apprenticeship and competition is high. In an attempt to bring on those apprentices with the highest potential the application process is taken in four phases.

Phase 1:  Submit your application form
Phase 2:  Your references turn in their reference form
Phase 3:  Skype Call – An informal discussion with a Multiply 22 Coach
Phase 4:  Notification of acceptance, placement, and commencement dates

Tips for filling out your application

  • Make sure you have enough time to complete the application (about 90 minutes)
  • Contact your references ahead of time and obtain their permission to use them as a reference, and make sure their contact info is accurate. Three references are required; Pastor, Family member/Coworker, and a Professor/Supervisor. You will need to provide their:
    • name — phone number — email
  • Also, inform your references that a form will be automatically sent to them when you submit your application. They will need to fill this out and turn it in in order for you to move to Phase 3 of the application process.
  • [strongly recommended] Pre-write your answers to the application then copy and paste them in order to save time or to prevent from frustrating technical errors. Here is a list of the questions you will find on the application.
  • All fields on the application are required, so don’t leave any blank. If a question does not apply to you, simply write ‘N/A

After your application is done

  • After successfully submitting your application you will receive an automated follow-up email  saying that we received it. Please confirm that by sending a separate email to saying that you have completed your application.
  • Remind your references to turn in their forms ASAP. Your application cannot move to Phase 3 until they have successfully done so.

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